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Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7-Itinerary

Welcome to Day 7 of my "31 Days" series hosted by The Nester.  Today will be short and sweet.  I will be talking about sharing your itinerary with someone.

We have all heard about the people who get lost hiking and nobody knows where they are because they didn't let anyone know where they were going.  This is a big no no that can lead to days of misery or even death.  One specific story is of Aron Ralston who had to amputate his arm to survive. 

I always send me husband my itinerary which includes, name of hike, where it is located (ex. off of Mountain Loop Highway), how long the hike should take me and when I should be home.  This enables him to know where I am in case I don't make it home in the predicted time. 

Taking these steps gives me peace of mind knowing that if I were to get into trouble someone will be able to find me fairly quickly and it gives my husband peace of mind knowing where I am.

So, when you plan you next hike make sure someone (spouse, friend, neighbor, etc.) has your itinerary so you can enjoy a safe day in the wilderness.

Be safe and Happy Hiking!

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