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On the Way Home

You know how when you drive somewhere and you see signs for places that sound interesting?  You tell yourself, "next time" 20 times and never stop.  Well, I decided to stop.  This page will give you fun places  to stop on the way home from your hikes.

Hwy 2:

Deception Falls
See my post 


Wallace River Salmon Hatchery
14418 383rd Ave SE
Sultan, WA 98294
Learn about the life cycle of Salmon

You can park here for free and see salmon at different life stages swimming around.  My boys enjoyed seeing all of the fish!

                                                      Reptile Zoo in Monroe Reptile Zoo
22715 State Route 2 # D
Monroe, WA 98272-3000

My boys LOVED this place.  We have driven past it so many times and finally decided to stop in.  The cost is $5 per child and $6 per adult.  The best part was the outdoor turtle area.  You can walk around and pet the turtles.  This was our favorite part!


Vantage Horses