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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2-Know Your Trail

Today I will be talking a bit more about the trail you will be hiking.  In addition to closures and barriers to your hike, you need to know the specifics about your trail.  Does it have a 3200 foot elevation gain or is it fairly flat?  Is it 10 miles or 2?  Is the trail smooth or really rocky?  There are many different types of trails out there and you need to know what is in store for you.

I always research my hikes before I go so I will know what to expect.  Again, I use the Washington Trail Association website to find out much of this information, but use other reliable hiking websites as well.  You can also go to my website and, if I have done your hike, there will be very detailed information here.

When hiking with children especially, you will need to know what you will encounter to ensure your child is able to make the trek.  Little children will have a difficult time with distance and rough terrain.  Your child's ability level and age will have an impact on what hike you choose to do.
For example, when you are dealing with flat terrain you will be able to use a regular tennis shoe, where when you are dealing with steep and rocky terrain you would be better off with a hiking boot to keep out the debris and keep your ankles from twisting.

Also, when you are hiking for 2 miles you will need different food and water provisions than when you are hiking 10 miles (more on food and water in another post).

Further, you may want to bring sunscreen or bug repellent if you will encounter direct sunlight or swarms of mosquitoes. 

If you know about your conditions, you will be better prepared and will have what you need to complete your adventure successfully. 

Happy Hiking!

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