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Friday, October 28, 2011

New Hiking/Running Products at Costco

I went to Costco yesterday and found some great things for running and hiking. 

The first items I bought were Gaiters for hiking ($14.99).  They come in S/M and L/XL.   They attach to your boots and cover the portion of your pants below the knee so they stay dry on those wet and snowy hikes.  Now I just need to get a nice pair of waterproof hiking boots :)
I also found a nice pair of gloves ($9.99) to keep my hands warm while I run or hike.  I just went on a hike yesterday, and although it was beautiful, it was really cold.  I didn't wear gloves because I use my touch screen phone to take pictures and the touch screen doesn't work if you have gloves on.  So, my hands froze.  These gloves have "Sensatec" fabric on the thumb and pointer finger tips that interact with touch screen devices.  So cool!  They also have "silicone rubber palms for improved grip".
The last thing I bought I loved so much that I went back today and bought another one for me and one for my friend!  This shirt is so awesome!  It is a half-zip long sleeve performance shirt ($19.99).  You can wear it alone or as a base layer to stay warm.  The best part is that it has thumb holes.  I love thumb holes when I am running and hiking because your hands stay warm without gloves!  The fit is great, and it is made with an anti-bacterial treatment so that when you finish with your long run or hike, you don't stink (as bad).

It comes in a couple different blue tones, berry(pink), black and gray.  They were moving out pretty fast so run to Costco and get yours today!

Overall a great Costco trip!  Have fun and Happy Hiking!


  1. Love the short, I am hoping they won't be out when I go there tomorrow!

  2. Great Costco finds! Maybe I need to go this weekend.

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    I can't wait to see your 2012 race schedule! Are you still with me for Twelve in Twenty-Twelve? That's the new name :)