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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 25-Hiking Clothes

This is pretty simple.  When going on a hike, wear something comfortable.  You will be hiking for hours and will need clothing that is easy to move in, so you have full range of motion in any situation.

Make sure your clothing is weather appropriate.  Since weather can change on a hike you also want to bring a thin jacket to keep in your pack just in case.

Many hikers like to wear clothing with many pockets so they have items accessible such as small items  that may get lost in your pack.  Personally as a woman, I don't like the bulky cargo look, but to each his own.

Happy Hiking!


  1. I think hiking in the Pacific NW, even just being out and about, has it's own unique issues with dressing appropriately. One minute it's clear skies and sun, next it's raining.

    Another thing I notice is that it may be drizzling at our house, yet only 5 miles away it's clear.

    Reminds me of the Pemco sandals and socks guy commercial.

    We always dress in layers. Then we can shed them when we need to. And now that the weather is colder I pack gloves, hats, and an extra pair of socks for everyone.

  2. Good point retromama. We definitely get our range of weather. I expect to be cold so I always bring extra layers My kids on the other hand are always warm. Wish I was like them :)