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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 11-Calorie Expenditure

In order to know how much fuel you will need on your hike you need to know how many calories you will be burning.  So, on day 11 of my "31 Days" series, we will figure out how many calories we burn on our hikes.

When hiking you want to bring only what you need, nothing more.  The heavier your pack, the harder your hike.  So, knowing how many calories you need to replenish will ensure you don't overpack your food stores.

You want to make sure you do replenish your calories, so that you have the energy to finish your hike especially when you have children with you.  I found a great website that helps you figure out your calories burned.  You can go to hikingscience and enter in your info and it will calculate your calorie expenditure.  Here is what it looks like.



Distance Round Trip (miles):
Elevation Gain (ft)
Bodyweight (lbs)
Backpack Weight (lbs)




Average Grade %

Work Ratio relative to Flat Walking
Equivalent Number of Flat Miles
Base Calories Burned (kcal)
Adjusted Calories Burned

Next time you plan your hike you will know exactly how many calories you need to eat to make sure you keep your energy level up.

Happy Hiking!

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