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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 20-Pack Selection

Do you ever wonder how people decide on their hiking backpack?  Why do some have such small packs and some people look like they have everything they own hanging from their back.  On day 20 of my "31 Days" series we will decide what pack is right for us.  Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing a pack:

1.  How far are you going?  Are you doing a dayhike or a multi-day trip?

2.  What weight will you be carrying?

3.  What extra features do you want?  Ex. side pocket for easy water bottle access, extra straps for better fit etc.

4.  How much can you spend?

I don't do overnighters so I stick with a simple backpack with a side pocket for my water bottle and a front pocket for easy access to important things like tissues, first aid kit, bug repellant etc.  There are 2 main compartments for things like food, extra water, and jackets.  My pack does not have a frame and is pretty bare bones with no frills and whistles.

I would use the resources of a good outdoor store  like REI.  Go there and tell a salesperson what your typical hike is like and the features you are looking for.  They will be able to show you multiple packs at all of the price points and give you suggestions on what will work best for you.  Go here for more information on pack selection.

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