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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ducks at Mile 3

I went on my "go to" 5 mile route today with my hubby. At around mile 3 there was a flock of ducks that were chilling out along my route.  I have come to expect to see them every time I turn that corner.  They waddle along and look at me but don't seem scared as I run by.  It's as though they are expecting to see me as well.  Maybe they are waiting to greet me before they go on their merry way.  Kind of a nice incentive to go on a run :)

Do you have something on your run that gets you out the door?

Happy Running!


  1. A flock of ducks would be pretty cool! I saw a courting duck pair in my neighborhood one night. They were on the same lawn for my entire run ... i run loops.

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