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Colby's Reviews

Colby is my 11 year old son.  He will be giving his opinion of our hikes from an 11-year-old's perspective.

Barclay Lake

Barclay Lake is a great hike for kids.  It is only 4 miles round trip and does not have a high elevation gain.  The scenery is great.  Big trees, streams, and lots of roots.

When you get to the lake, there is a mountain right in front of the sun.  There are lots of trees that have fallen into the water.  When I was there my brother and I walked on the logs and fell in the water.  The water was COLD!

Iron Goat Trail

The Iron Goat Trail is a hike that you have to go to. It is filled with lots of old train tunnels that you can walk into. There is nearly no elevation, and you will see one or two waterfalls on the way. At the very end there is an old caboose that you can go on. This trail is a must do and is suitable for all ages.