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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunset Cliffs-San Diego CA

I'm back from Cali and can't wait to show you some pictures from my Sunset Cliffs "hike".  I have the quotation marks because I can't really call it a hike.  It is more of a nice walk along the cliffs edge. 
My sister Claire, from Claire's Healthy Home, and I came to Sunset Cliffs on Friday and there were quite a few people there.  Mostly people running with their dogs.  Luckily a nice man running by asked if we would like him to take our picture.  I am on the left.
I have to say we only had time to walk about 3 miles but the views were amazing.  The trail was okay.  We had to walk on and off the trail to the road due to construction so the peace and tranquility you usually get on a hike wasn't really there.

My plan was to do this hike at sunset since the sunset here is supposed to be picturesque, but my husband thought it might not be the safest idea and he was right.  Also, it was cloudy while we were there so I don't think we would have seen much of a sunset.

After about a mile there is a staircase. You can walk down to the waters edge and there was a cute dog with a lifejacket hanging out with his owner.
We saw some huge birds flying by and realized they were pelicans.  If I had a better camera I could have gotten a shot of one of them.  I did get a shot of a seagull posing nicely though (not as exciting).
Overall the trip was worth it because of the views.  It would be a great trail to run along but not a hike in my book.  If you are in the area check it out.  Go here for more info and directions.

Happy Hiking!


  1. Beautiful scenery. It's too bad the weather wasn't sunnier for you. I hope it was a good trip for you anyway!

  2. The trip was great! There's nothing like a whole weekend of girl time when you live with 3 boys!

  3. I had sooo much fun with you! You got some awesome pics!

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