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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

12 in 2012 Calendar

   Okay everyone, here it is, my race calendar for my "12 in 2012 challenge".

       January-    ResolutionRun and Polar Bear Dive 5k (1st) 
            February- Heartbreaker 1/2 Marathon Portland OR (19th)
       March-     St. Patrick's Day Dash 3.7 miles (17th)
                        Big Climb (25th)
       April-       Seahawks 12k (1st)
       May-        Beat the Bridge 5 miles
       June-        North Olympic Discovery 1/2 Marathon (3rd)
                        Port Angeles WA
       July-        Swedish Summerun 5k 
                       Firecracker 5000 (3rd)
       August-   Tacoma Narrows 1/2 Marathon (4th) Tacoma WA
       September- Black Diamond 1/2 Marathon (23rd)
                            Enumclaw WA                        
       OctoberRun Scared 5k (28th)
       NovemberSeattle 1/2 Marathon
                           Pineapple Classic 5k
       December Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon
      I know there are more than 12 but there are some races that benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that I really want to do in addition to my other races.  I am also excited to include my 2 boys in the shorter races.  Racing can be a fun and exciting experience for the entire family!
    So far I have 2 people to join me in this challenge (my hubby and a friend).  Are you up for the challenge?  Or just join me for one of the races :)

      My first race is the Resolution Run and Polar Bear Dive.  The Polar Bear part is optional and I hate the cold, but I think that the dive is a great way to face my hatred of the cold and start the year off with a bang, my husband thinks I'm crazy :)  I am willing to do whatever you, my readers, vote for.  So weigh in, "yeah" or "nay" on the polar bear dive? 


  1. Go for the dive Rachelle! How cold could it really be? :) I like the 12 in 2012 idea so I'll run it by the boys and see if they'd be interested. I don't think I'd want Ethan doing the 1/2s but he's up for anything 5 miles and under. Regardless, we'll join you for a few runs at least...and the dive if we make it to that one.