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Monday, August 22, 2011

Vantage Horses

This is one of my favorite places.  The sculpture of wild horses atop the hill off of I-90 at Vantage is majestic and makes you feel like you are in a storybook.  Going east on I-90 at Vantage, follow the signs to the parking lot and hike the steep hill about 1/4 mile to the top.  There you will experience the beauty of these wild horses.
These views of the Columbia River and Canyons are amazing!  Whenever I drive to Eastern Washington this is always my favorite spot. 

This sculpture is over 20 years old and according to the sculptor,  is only half finished.  The horses are supposed to be set free from a large basket to symbolize free will.

The hill is a bit steep so I would not recommend going to the top unless you are sure of foot.  Also step loudly to ward off rattlesnakes.
You can read the story of the sculpture built by David Govedare here .

Although this is not a long hike, this is a must see if you are in the area.

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