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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Boulder River Waterfall

So, we started out today planning to go to Denny Creek Water Slide off of I-90 Snoqualmie Pass.  Unfortunately, the weather said rain/thundershowers.  Luckily I checked online to see what the trail conditions were and found out the bridge was out at Denny Creek which meant we would have to wade through water.  No thanks.  Change of plans.  This is a great example of why we check the trail conditions before we head out on a hike.

I decided to go to Boulder River waterfall off of the Mountain Loop Highway.  I found out the trail is in good condition March through November and it was supposed to be a bit warmer up north.  Our hiking partners for the day were very flexible so off we went through the pouring rain.  When you live in Washington, rain can't slow you down.  If you let a little rain stop you, you may never get out of the house.

There are a couple of options on this hike.  You can stop at about 1 1/4 miles (3 miles round trip) at the twin falls or you can go all the way to the top (about 7 miles round trip). We decided on the shorter option due to the weather, but will return to do the entire length before summer's end.

This hike was on the easier side, smooth and level enough for small children.  Even though we were prepared for the rain (wearing garbage bags to stay dry) we stayed pretty dry the entire time.  The forest envelopes you in a waterproof canopy.  Even most of the trail stayed dry.  We were so warm, the garbage bags came off halfway up.

The trees and foliage were beautiful and peaceful.  You will see this downed tree shortly after beginning your hike.  Friends make hiking that much more fun.

We continued to follow the sound of rushing water and came upon the majestic twin falls.  It was hard to capture the entire image.

We did continue for a little while longer just for fun and we saw a cave across the way.  My son Riley is convinced that Sasquatch lives there.

We then went across a narrow bridge and decided to turn back around and head down.

This hike left me wanting more for sure.  I really like the hikes that allow you to choose your distance.  You still can hit a great viewpoint without going all the way to the top.  A great hike for all.

You do not need a forest pass to park at this trailhead and there is one port-a-potty on the dirt road leading to the trailhead.  It smelled fresh but was out of toilet paper, so make sure to bring some in your Hiking Essentials Kit.

It really is the last chance.

To get here take exit 208 off of I-5 and drive 4 miles east on State Route 530 to Arlington.  Then continue east on SR 530 for 20 more miles. At milepost 41, near a subdivision, turn right onto Forest Road 2010 (French Creek Road) and continue for 3.7 miles to the trailhead. 

Happy Hiking! 

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  1. We really enjoyed this hike too. Easy enough for the whole family to enjoy!