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Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter Safety

Do you hike during the winter?  I know winter is a frustrating time for me because I stay off the trails and I miss being out in nature.  I am not a fan of the cold so hiking would not be as fun for me if I did it in the cold.  Also the snow on the trails makes me nervous that I would make a wrong turn. 

The Washington Trail Association has written an informative article on how to stay safe hiking in the winter.  If you are brave enough to tackle the cold, check out this great article here.

For those of you like me, how do you combat the frustration of taking the winter months off from hiking?  For me, I plan to hike in other locations that have warmer climates.  My "Hike 12 in 2012" challenge will bring me to California, Hawaii, Barcelona, and many other locations so that I can get my hike on without freezing my buns off.

Follow along as I take you to some amazing hiking destinations!  I can't wait for 2012!

Happy Hiking!


  1. I'm jealous of your great hiking options! We just moved to Houston from the fingerlakes region NY where we were spoiled with gorgeous hikes. Can't say I've done any hiking lately... but I enjoy checking out your blog!

  2. You might try snowshoeing or cross country skiing. The activity gets you moving and keeps you warm. I myself love to go skiing, so winter is a fun time for me.

  3. Our hikes are limited to the coast and to local urban hikes right now. We don't have the equipment (or car) for snow hiking. The family's enthusiasm is pretty low anyway because it's so cold and wet. Your upcoming trips sound fun. I look forward to seeing your posts about them.

  4. Great blog! Look forward to following your Hike 12 in 2012 project.

    Best, Linnea