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Thursday, December 29, 2011

My New Hiking Boots!

Finally the day has come for me to purchase a new pair of hiking boots.  I have been hiking for many years now wearing old running shoes.  I love the feel of them and they are like a second skin for me.  I can feel everything beneath me and I feel sure on my feet with them.  But, they don't keep my feet dry and they don't have any ankle support.  So, I went to REI the day after Christmas and bought these sweet kicks.

I love them!  These are the "Vasque Breeze GTX's".  They have some great features:

  • Waterproofed nubuck leather uppers with Airmesh nylon panels keep boots light and highly breathable in warm temperatures
  • Extra-breathable Gore-Tex XCR® liners are seam sealed to stop water leakage while allowing warm moisture vapor to escape
  • Wicking nylon linings absorb excess moisture and disperse it for fast drying
  • Gusseted, padded tongues keep out trail debris and relieve pressure from lacing across instep
  • Padded collars add comfort around ankles; heel loops offer easy entry
  • Removable DryTech footbeds are anatomically shaped for comfort and feature wicking topsheets for moisture management underfoot
  • Shock-absorbing and lightweight Phylon® midsoles soak up the bumps and provide all-day comfort on the trail
  • Thermoplastic urethane (TPU) midsole plate adds rigidity for support and control on uneven surfaces
  • Long-lasting Vibram® Contact outsoles deliver solid traction and confident braking on all types of surfaces
I don't know anything about hiking boots except that REI knows a lot about them and any boot there is a good boot.  So I decided to go there and get some tips from the professionals and pick their brain a bit.

I had a very helpful salesman help me.  I told him I wanted something comfortable that would keep my feet dry and keep the trail debris out.  With my running shoes, I would always get those little annoying bits of rock/dirt inside my shoe and sock and it would annoy the heck out of me.  They had over 15 different boots to choose from and all but 2 were waterproof.  We do live in Washington:)

Here are some important things he told me that I wanted to share:

1.  If it doesn't feel good and comfortable right away, it never will.
2.  Buy a half size up (used to this with my running shoes).
3.  Your toes should never hit the end of the boot and your heel shouldn't slip.

The best part is that the salesman told me to take them on 5-6 hikes and if I was't happy with them, I could bring them back!  WOW!  That is so awesome!  I was so happy with the experience I became a member.  There are some great benefits!

What do you like the best about your hiking boots?  Are you a member at REI?  What other hiking item can you not live without?

Happy Hiking!


  1. We ALWAYS need our backpacks while hiking! And each of us carries our own "stuff". (Less carry weight for 1-2 people that way.) But we could really use some hiking boots! LOL Thanks for the info!

  2. I have a pair of Lowa hiking boots. These are my second pair - I love the Lowa brand. They are super-comfortable and I've put many miles on them. What piece of gear could I not live without? Besides my backpack, probably my trekking poles. They save my knees on the downhills, and are great for balance when you are carrying a heavy backpack. And of course I would never go hiking without my camera! :)