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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where to buy your Forest Pass

There are many trailheads that require a Northwest Forest Pass.  This pass allows you to park at the trailhead and the money from the purchase of these passes goes towards maintaining the trails that we use.

You can purchase a day pass for $5 or you can purchase a yearly pass for $30.  If you think you will be doing 6 or more hikes per year, the yearly pass is definitely worth it.  Even if you don't, the money goes towards preserving our trails and it keeps you from having to purchase a pass every time you go on a hike. You can check here to see if your hiking location requires a pass Locations Requiring a Pass.

For example, on our last hike, I had to drive past our destination to go to the ranger station and purchase a pass.  I decided to purchase a yearly pass so I didn't have that problem again.  Here is what a yearly pass looks like.

You can purchase a forest pass at any ranger station and online at Forest Pass Online.  Check here for local vendors in your area  Forest Pass Vendors. Other places that you can purchase a  pass include:

Sports Authority
Big 5
Fred Meyer

Most sporting goods stores should have these available.  Happy Hiking!

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