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Monday, September 19, 2011

Nature-al Conversations

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you left all of the technology and chores of daily life behind? Would you and your children be able to function?  Could your kids possibly have fun?  Of course!

When we set out on our hiking adventures the world suddenly changes and so do the attitudes and conversations of my children.

I don't notice a change until we actually start the hike.  The car ride remains the same.  "Don't touch me.", "Stop making that noise.", etc.  Not until we get out of the car and enter the wilderness do I see the difference that God's creations can make.

My boys always have the most interesting things to say and I am often struck at how wise and creative they can be.  I take the time to really listen and I interject when asked.  I often find myself with a wide grin on my face listening to their conversations.

We talk about God and how he shows us his love in so many ways, big and small.  From the huge waterfall that meets us at the end of the Bridal Veil Falls Trail,

to the bees that pollinate all of the beautiful flowers along the way.
We talk about dreams they have had.  One particular one sticks in my mind.  One of my boys dreamt that his dad was a donkey and had a doctor's lab coat on.  Most of their dreams have someone in their life changing into an animal or an alien.  "Hmmm, I wonder what that means?"  I think to  myself while I try to analyze their dreams in my head.

We talk about inventions that they want to create such as a flying car that can go from the street to the air, or a time machine that can take us to the past and the future.  I realize how important creativity is in children and why I want to encourage it and help them continue on this path of discovery.

My boys even change in their attitudes towards each other.  Instead of poking fun or becoming annoyed with each other, they are supportive and loving.  I know what you are thinking, "Seriously?".  I know, I am always surprised myself.  Something about being in nature and on a journey to discover something they have never seen before brings out their generosity and loving nature.

This is why I love hiking with my boys so much.  I see in them, in this snippet of time, who I hope they grow to be as adults and eventually as husbands and fathers.  The joy, the faith, the attitude of generosity and love that I hope they continue to exude as they grow.

I encourage you to try it.  Take away the technology for a couple of hours and see what happens.  You might just be surprised.

Happy Hiking!

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  1. Such a great reminder of why kids need to be pulled from the tech world often! Thanks for this!