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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 30-#1 Tip

For day 30 of my "31 Days" series, I will give you my #1 tip on how to become a smarter hiker.  Go hiking!  The best way to become a smarter hiker is to gain experience.  Every hike you go on is an opportunity to learn more about hiking.  Every time I go on a hike I learn something new and different.

So my challenge for myself and for you is to do 12 hikes in 2012.  For you, my challenge is to hike 12 trails in your area.

For myself, my challenge is to hike in 12 different states for 2012.  I will choose a hike in 12 different states (or countries) for 2012.  Sound fun?  Stay tuned for my hiking calendar.

Are you up for the challenge?  Happy Hiking!

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  1. I'm SO glad I found you (through Magical Mouse Schoolhouse Tigger blog hop)! We're "novice" hikers, but really enjoy the natural fun that comes from our meandering walks. I can't wait to read more of your blog!

  2. We will actually be doing a lot of hiking as we are planning a HUGE family roadtrip towards the end of summer - including the Grand Canyon =-)

    Don't forget to grab the TGIF button for your linked up posts or sidebar so others can find the party & link up too - Thanks =-)

  3. Oooo - that is a bit of a challenge! I'm going (tentatively) say that I coil give that a go! 12 different counties for me :)